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Our little team

Mathew Stiller-Reeve PhD, Researcher/Educator/Consultant

I'm a freelance educator and climate & sustainability consultant based on the picturesque island of Osterøy, just outside Bergen, Norway. Prior to this, I worked for a decade as a climate researcher, gaining my PhD in Meteorology from the University of Bergen. During this time, I worked in some amazing places around the world and on some amazing projects. My network extends from Hawai'i in the west to Japan in the east and I love to collaborate across borders, boundaries and disciplines. 

Through my work as a researcher, I discovered the importance of communication. In 2012, I started a writing group organisation which ended up spanning several countries. This organisation, and the people in it, showed me the power of collaborative learning. Collaborative learning is now the foundation of all my communication activities with everyone from primary school pupils to post-docs and beyond.

My interdisciplinary background led me into climate adaptation work in Norway. I have worked with many municipalities, where I primarily plan and carry out climate dialogue events with different societal groups. 

My work revolves around doing and teaching science communication. Get in touch if you'd like to talk about anything from writing retreats for PhDs to science dialogue projects with local communities. Let's see if we can work together!

Kiana Stiller-Reeve, Video Editor and Design Consultant

I am a video editor with experience in graphic design and product development. Previously, I have worked on video projects for local businesses in Bergen as well as graphic profiles of other locally-developed products. In Konsulent Stiller-Reeve, I develop graphics and videos for your science dialogue events or projects. I will work with you to develop a portfolio of communication products to reach your audience in the best possible way.  

the team
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